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  • Echoes of War poster image

    Echoes of War

    Roger Moore, Chicago Tribune

    Take away the armies and artillery, and a low-budget Civil War movie turns into a Western. The makers of th... Read More

  • Mad Max: Fury Road poster image

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

    You remember "Happy Feet." This is George Miller's "Happy Wheels." The creator of the o... Read More

  • Pitch Perfect 2 poster image

    Pitch Perfect 2

    Roger Moore, Chicago Tribune

    Can we please talk about the snottiness of "Pitch Perfect 2"? It's seriously snotty. It's a two-h... Read More

  • Where Hope Grows poster image

    Where Hope Grows

    Roger Moore, Chicago Tribune

    "Where Hope Grows" is a sometimes moving and generally watchable melodrama about a drunken ex-bal... Read More